Benchmark web pages over time. Created by @zachleat.

Deploy your own instance of Speedlify and test your web sites.

Quick Guide to Speedlify

  1. Add your own URLs to test in a _data/sites/*.js configuration file. Look at the existing samples (Make sure you use skip: false). You can delete the existing ones after you’ve made your own
  2. Remove this message from index.njk
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Category Site Count Last Run Date
PHP Frameworks ×5 sites Jun 03 00:22
The default sites that get tested ×1 site Jun 03 18:05
Static Site Generator web sites ×14 sites Jun 03 12:14
Front-end Testing Tools ×10 sites Jun 03 15:12
Thailand Top web sites ×11 sites Jun 03 18:16
Thew’s Personal web site ×10 sites Jun 03 15:18
Zach’s Personal web site ×11 sites Jun 03 12:20